Season 8

We are excited to bring you our 8th season of flat-track roller derby!  This year our bouts are held at the Shoreline Derby Center, a much more intimate venue that brings you even closer to the action!  Tickets will be available online aboutbuy research paper online write a paper online a month before each bout.  Snatch yours up today and see it live!!

 Come to be entertained and leave inspired!     

Doors :

  • 5pm Main (Lobby open)
  • 5:30pm trackside/seating for VIPs
  • 5:45pm trackside/seating for all.


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January 24th 2015

CarnEvil vs. The Hula Honeys
Pink Pistols vs. The Cararo Harem


February 14th 2015

The Camaro Harem Vs The Hula Honeys

March 14th 2015

CarnEvil Vs the Pink Pistols Pistols



April 18th 2015

The Pink Pistols vs. The Hula Honeys

May 9th 2015

CarnEvil vs The Camaro Harem



June 6th 2015 : Championships

Grudge Match based on season standings.





Look at Last season’s Official Scores


Watch Past games that currently are uploaded to!

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