League Officials


What exactly is the Derby Enforcement Agency (DEA), and what brave souls are part of Jet City’s Crew?

Think you’ve got the moxie to lace up some skates, or to help keep us in line tracking statistics, scores and so much more?! Then follow the magic words at the end and see what it takes to join the ranks and help our Jet City Rollergirls play by the WFTDA rules!

If you’d like more information about becoming a JCRG referee or Non-Skating Official (NSO) please e-mail Jet City Rollergirls DEA Coordinator haddie.nuf@jetcityrollergirls.com.




Hangin’ Chad – Head Referee

ATG- Asst. Head Referee

Allyn Ur Grill

Dame Judi Wench

Dell From Hell

Heidi Your Boyfriend

Jon Edwards

Judlee Do-Rite


Teh Jabberclock

Non-Skating Officials


Big Eddie

BiPolar Bare

Cat a lak

Disruptive Thunder

Darrel Good Calls


Grave Man

Headstone Diva

India Pale Al

Juju Bees


That One Kid

Tracker Jax

Rae Nanya Parade


Head Commentator – Bulldog: The Most Dangerous Voice In Roller Derby